Villa Bali Service

Villa Bali Services

Villa Bali Service

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Villa Bali Service offers a comprehensive service for your property, from Villa management, staff outsourcing, and villa maintenance, building, and renovation


Villa Service in Bali

Teguh Bali Management is a company that serves villa management with above and beyond, staff outsourcing with professional staff and villa maintenance that is trust worth around Canggu, Pecatu, Pererenan and Cemagi. Teguh Bali Management has been established since 2020 and has widely supported staff and villa build, renovation, and maintenance of 5-star hotels and villas. Teguh Kalake as the founder has more than 20 years of experience abroad in the hospitality industry and overseas.

Our Services

We have served and helped many star hotels and villas with our professional and experienced services

Villa Bali Management

Villa Management

Our villa management services can take care of everything starting from above and beyond. our management team can provide an exceptional service.

Villa Bali Management

Staff Outsourcing

Outsourcing Villa Bali Services staff only hires the best candidates and excellent professional staff. We have supported many 5-star hotels and villas

Villa Bali Management

Villa Maintenance

We have experience! Qualified technicians and professional engineers make you feel really comfortable with our company, and we have done a lot of villa build, renovation and maintenance of 5-star villas and hotels